It’s okay to take a day off

Million dollar life
Do it! Because it’s okay to take a day off!Laundry? What’s a couple more socks and another shirt. Dishes? That bowl from your cereal bowl won’t grow legs overnight.

We all have those days and sometimes you just can’t see another sock to fold or dish to be washed.

Sometimes it’s okay to just stop. Breathe, take a minute or day to just relax. You can always take care of it later.

I have to confess i do this more often than i’d like to admit. The baby is fussy, homeschooling might be a mess that day and hubby is working late again. We all know how it goes and we all have those days.

It’s okay! Have that extra cup of coffee on the couch you just wiped the toys off of, use that Tupperware container for eating your breakfast cereal, no one is going to die if you do it. The mirror can wait, another toothpaste spot is not going to make a difference today!

Relax and take it as what it is. A Time-Out from “adulting” is acceptable! Just don’t take everyday that way : ) Need a little extra help to relax? Try Lavender  Essential Oil! Take a bath in it or spray some on your pillow case before your nap!

I’ll say it again, It’s okay to take a day off.


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