A Mother’s Instinct: When you know your child is sicker but the Doctor disagrees

A mother's instinct


When you’re not happy with what the doctor tells you, get a second opinion! A mother’s instinct is never wrong!

Yesterday it happened. The Baby, 6 1/2 Months old, spiked a fever after spending the day before sleeping most of the day and then being unable to sleep at night due to being so stuffed up, coughing and needing to have his nose cleaned out , thank you Nose Frieda, so he can breathe.

He got up to almost 101.5*F so we called the Doctor to be seen that day. His usual Pediatrician wasn’t on call so we saw somebody else. We didn’t know who it was until we got there for the appointment ( I say that because the person who happened to be there that day also misdiagnosed me before). We were lucky to be seen that day!

She concluded, after little examination, that “He just has a little ear infection, I’ll give him some antibiotics and we’ll check him again in a week. Any questions? Have a good day.”

After getting the antibiotics at the pharmacy, giving them to him and waiting around 5 more hours, something just didn’t sit right with me. His fever didn’t change, he was miserable and then it spiked to 102.5*F in the evening.

Urgent Care it was. The first thing the nurse said was “Let’s test for the Flu”, before i could even say anything. She then listened to my concerns and actually listened to my instinct, that it was more than “a little ear infection”. It was nice to be heard and having your instincts acknowledged!

What do you know? HE HAS THE FLU! ( Turns out now, the next day, my husband has it too, got it from our baby. I am the only one in the house still holding up. Send Coffee, Hubby has the Flu! It’s gonna be worse than a Man Flu.)

What I’m trying to say is, we have our motherly instincts for a reason! A diagnosis doesn’t sit right? Get a second opinion, it could be the Flu! If I didn’t listen to my instinct, who knows what the outcome could have been for my baby?

Do yourself a favor. Listen to your gut! You have it for a reason! A Mother’s instinct is never wrong.

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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Instinct: When you know your child is sicker but the Doctor disagrees”

  1. don’t worry though, knowing the name of the virus doesn’t (always) change the treatment. some offices don’t test just because the tests are inaccurate (the flu test is only 70% accurate and the sooner you test the more inaccurate they are) and it doesn’t change course of treatment. i hope your little one feels better, though. and i DO agree, you should certainly listen to your mom gut. you should always advocate for your child!!

  2. Yesss!!! I had this same gut instinct with my newborn and a dairy intolerance. The Dr blew me off but I still went with my instinct… and after I cut out dairy, my infant was like a new kid! I think most Doctors are phenomenal, but even then, as mommas we always know our children the best! This is such an awesome post and I’m so glad you trusted your gut and found the real source of your poor honey’s fever!

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