Baby Lead Weaning, The Basics

What is Baby Lead Weaning you ask? To put it simple, Baby skips puree’s and goes straight to whole foods, prepared how the family eats it but just cut differently.

The Basics:


Baby has a normal milk/ formula feed between 30 and 60 minutes before the meal.


No helping when gagging! Stick to this saying, as silly as it sounds, but as serious as it is:

“ Loud and red, let them go ahead,

Silent and blue, they need help from you”


Whatever you do, do NOT stick your finger in babies mouth as this can cause choking!


Foods that are NOT allowed? I know they say “They eat what we eat”, which is right most of the time, with just a few exceptions.

  1. Due to the risk of botulism, babies under the age of one, can not have honey in any form, yes, cooked is not okay either!
  2. Whole Nuts. They are a choking hazard.
  3. Raw or undercooked Meat and Seafood. I mean really, I wouldn’t eat that being afraid I’d get sick!
  4. Pureed food. Since babies are used to “chewing” foods and the pieces being nicely big and easy to handle, pureed foods can confuse them and even cause choking!

Baby is in control of what and how much to eat, what goes in their mouth and when they are full. If you are preloading spoons with, for example, yoghurt make sure to place it on the tray and resist the temptation to stick it in their mouth.

Cut food into finger (adult pinkie ) sized strips/ pieces.

Once the baby is older, and has mastered the pincer grasp, it gets cut into smaller pieces

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