Glowing skin, toxin free products, mostly natural and organic options, THIS Page is the place to be!

Carrier Oil

My favorite, big bottle of Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil can do it all!

coconut oil image

Organic Coconut Oil

Love me some as a Shaving Cream and overall Moisturizer

jojoba oil bottle

Organic Jojoba Oil

Amazing as an ingredient in DIY face serum or as a simple facde moisturizer

rosehip oil

Organic Rosehip Oil

Another ingredient for an awesome DIY serum or a simple moisturizer by itself



Before I started using doTERRA Deodorant, this one was my go to for my sensitive pits!

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

If you have no time to make your own, this one is a great alternative

dry brush

Dry Brush

Dry Brushing is an amazing self- care ritual, best done daily before the shower

micro roller

.25 Micro Roller

A weekly ritual for me, on clean skin this feels incredible

Lumi make up

Make up

Not the cleanest but so far my Fave!



Also not quite the cleanest one out there, but currently my Fave. Do you have a cleaner one you recommend?

mud mask

Detox Mask

Once a week, at least, I like to scare my kids by putting this one on and it works every time! Both for my skin and scaring the kids.

Body Butter

If I don't have time to make my own, I love to slather myself in this one! I especially love to add some essential oils to it and rub my feet at night.

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