What Pounding Bench do we like?

What about a Pull behind toy?

Why do we not like plastic toys here?

What building blocks do we love?

What’s my favorite Moisturizer?

Do I use Eye cream at 28 years old?

What’s my favorite Make Up brand right now?

What do I give my children?

What’s my favorite Multi?

What nutritional supplement can I not live without?


Kitchen Must have

Which Blender is my go to?

What Coffee Maker can I not live without?

Do I even drink Tea?

household needs

What Bed and Sheets are my favorite?

What about my towels?

My favorite Vacuum cleaner with 3 dogs in the house?


oily must haves

What is my favorite reference book?

What Carrier Oil do I buy in big bottles?

Which Roller Bottles do I love?

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