Kitchen Must have

Owning all of these, I can truly say I highly recommend any and all of these to any kitchen!

coffee maker

Coffee Maker

This thing runs twice a day in my kitchen! Are you a coffee drinker?

french press

French Press

When I feel really fancy, or when my hubby makes coffee, this is our favorite thing to use!

wooden spoon

Wooden Spoons

An absolutely beautiful Must Have are these amazingly adorable Olive Wood Cooking Spoons!


In daily use for Smoothies and smoothing soup, this is a definite must have for every kitchen.

Air Fryer

Daily Use! Seriously. Nuggets: 8 minutes. Fries: 10 minutes. With kids, you NEED ONE.

Instant Pot

Rice, Yogurt and everyday cooking, this thing is bound to become your best friend!

Chaga Tea

"Tastes the way Coffee smells" I just got mine in the mail yesterday and already love it!


Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is all that and more.



Amazing to use for that bullet proofing I talk about under the coconut oil!

coconut oil image

Coconut Oil

Add a little of this and some grass fed butter to your coffee and make it bulletproof!


Glass Pyrex with Lids

We've replaced all things food storage with glass around here! These are a total fave.

Hol;Fit the Queen of Dry Brushing

My total FAVE: hol;fit Healthy Kitchen Blueprint!!!

Disclaimer: Some of these contain affiliate links.