household needs

If you want to know what products we love in our naturally minded household, this page is for you!

Glass Spray Bottles

Like I mentioned over in "Oily Must Haves" I make a lot of Sprays at home and just love these glass bottles!

Our Vacuum

Now, I've never had a cordless one! This corded one however is amazing and it is so easy to clean. Sidenote, I have 4 hairy pets so that means a whole lotta hair!


Like I just said, we have 4 pets with hair. Aside from vacuuming every 2 days with the Dyson, this is great for those in-between hairballs!

soap bottles

Foam Soap Pumps

I love me some foam soap and my kids love it too! Need a recipe? 1/3rd Jar of Dr. Bronners, 15 drops doTERRA Essential Oils and Water!

Dr. Bronners

Amazing Soap! A great ingredient to a lot of DIY recipes, so keep an eye on future content!


SleepNumber Bed

OMG, I can't say enough good things about our SleepNumber Bed! With my back problems, I finally get good sleep!


Steam Mop

With all the pets and 2 kids that we have here on Toffee, This mop is a must! Especially for those small juice spills, no need to fill the giant bucket!



The giant bucket mop! A favorite when its time to Deep Clean ionstead of the everyday mess. LOVE this mop. I know, the things moms get excited about...


Epsom Salt

Amazing and a total must have for around-the-house DIYs. Not to mention it makes an amazing bath soak!


Salt Jar

Let's be honest, we all love things in cute containers! I keep my Epsom Salt Laundry Softener in one of these for example.


Cute Scoop

Adorable little scoopers, perfect for the Laundry Softener Blend or all round the kitchen!

dryer balls

Dryer Balls

Amazing to use instead of

happy light

"Happy Light"

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Nice and soft, these towels may sometimes be used as blankets during playtime!

diffuser with essential oils


Instead of those toxic candles, sprays or plug ins, these are a true, healthy alternative.

oil holders

Oil Holder

These wooden ones are adorable and I have one near most of the diffusers around the house.


Blue Light Glasses

These are adorable, I already have them! They truly work and my eyes feel so much better when I wear them while I work!



I know I always need a piece of paper to write stuff down, so I came up with the Master Notebook. It stays in the kitchen and EVERYTHING gets written down in it.


This one is a must for us. From our grocery list to lullaby's for the little guy, she is in daily use!

Of course, Oils!

I can't live without them and they truly are what makes my house and health amazing!

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