What actually are Essential Oils

Essential Oils come from plants. Depending on the Oil, they come from different parts of the plant, for example the rind, bark, stems, leaves, petals and more. For example Cinnamon Essential Oil comes from the bark of a tree while Ginger Essential Oil comes from the root of a different plant.

A little history about Essential Oils


They have been used for thousands of years, in fact, when examining Egyptian mummies, they found residue of certain Essential Oils in and on them!


essential oils

How are they Extracted?

They are distilled, using a low-heat, slow- steam process and become very concentrated Oils. The Oils molecules are so teeny-tiny, when applied to your skin, for example the bottom of your feet, within 22 seconds, said molecules get to work  in your brain, in 2 minutes, they can be measured in your bloodstream and within just minutes they have reached every single cell inside of your body!

That means, in a 5 ml bottle of doTERRA Essential Oils, there are 85 drops, meaning with just a small bottle, your whole body gets affected by the amazing qualities of the essential oil 85 times for just pennies a drop!

For example, Lemon Essential Oil costs you only 4 cents a drop!

3 Ways to use Essential Oils

  1. Aromatically: Diffused into the air or from smelling the Oils straight from the bottle
  2. Topically: Applied to the Skin, diluted by a so-called “Carrier-Oil”, like Fractionated ( always liquid) Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil
  3. Internally: Yes, most doTERRA Oils can be safely ingested, by adding a couple of drops into your GLASS of water, or by putting a few drops of Essential Oil in a vegetable capsule

My Essential Oil Journey

  1. No, that’s not my age. 21 Is the number of Prescription Medications I was taking Every. Single. Day. For years!

Today? 3. That’s after using Essential Oils for almost exactly 2 years now. The giant dresser drawer that used to be filled to the brim with those ugly, orange bottles smells really good these days, you know, filled with all these AMAZING oils!

My daily doTERRA Routine


Citrus Oil in my water ( 1 drop per 8 oz Glass)

2 drops of my Morning Blend under the tongue for Energy

2 OnGuard Beadlets for Immune Support

½ of the Daily Dose of my doTERRA Vitamins called LLV

1 DeepBlue Capsule for Joint- and Backpain

Energy Roller on my neck and bottoms of feet under my socks

Diffuse one of my Energy blends in my diffuser



Throughout the day I reapply my energy roller, continue using citrus oils in my water and diffuse more oil blends


Diffuse a calming blend

Take ½ of my daily LLV Vitamins

Use DeepBlue Lotion or DeepBlue Oil mixed into my own bodylotion on my lower back and joints I have problems with

Use my Calming Roller on my feet and the back of my neck

If you are interested in trying essential oils for yourself, you can check out my doTERRA Website and order today! Or simply go to the contact us area on the site here and shoot me a message and i might even send you some FREE Samples!