Essential Oils and a School Environment

With everything going on in the world, I can hardly keep up with what my local school district is currently doing. We do homeschool however, so it doesn’t matter too much to us. But of course our oils play a big roll in our daily school routine. Sit back with a cup of tea or coffee and read all about Essential Oils and a School Environment.
Let’s start with a healthy foundation


Think Multivitamins and Omegas. But formulated in a way the body can actually absorb and use!

I’m talking about doTERRAs A2Z Vitamins as well as IQ-MEGA Omegas. Both are formulated for children and taste great!

For adults, I would have to mention our LifeLong Vitality Vitamin Supplements as a healthy foundation.

oils and pencils

Another one I need to mention here under the Foundation is OnGuard, the protective blend. All things healthy immune response. 

We use this especially now during Ickie-season all day every day! Our favorite ways to use it is to diffuse it, 3 drops per diffuse, all over the house once a day for at least 30 minutes.

Also, and we do this for all of us when we leave the house, is to “rub us down” with OnGuard. 1 drop rubbed between the palms of the hands and simply rubbed all over, including hair and hands. My 9 year old calls it his “Bubble”.

Now that I mentioned Immune Support, did you know that 80% of your Immune System is actually in your gut? Yes!

So a good pre-/ probiotic is a MUST! 

doTERRA has you covered of course! It’s called PB Assist Jr. Think Pixie Stick but healthy! That’s really what it tastes and looks like!

Speaking of PB Assist or PB Assist Jr., do you know WHY this one is the best?

Double encapsulation! Say that 5 times fast. Think a capsule within a capsule. Yes, even the kids powder version. The first one opens in the stomach with the Prebiotics. The second survives all the way into the gut and opens there to spread the probiotics where they are needed. 

Just think about it. A probiotic from the health food store often needs to be refrigerated. If it can’t even survive on your kitchen counter, how is it going to make it through stomach acid? It simply won’t!

The other foundation? A good night’s sleep!

Of course Oils can play a role here too.

Be it Lavender, Serenity blend, Vetiver, Cedarwood or all of them together, these oils are amazing for a good sleep.

bedside night
How to use them for some Zzzz

Diffuse the oils, one or multiple of the ones mentioned, around 30 minutes before going to sleep. We start the diffusers while the kids are in the bath or are getting ready for bed so that the bedroom has a nice, calming smell and atmosphere when they enter.

A favorite night time blend here is actually Lavender with a little Wild Orange. I know I didn’t mention the Wild Orange under the bedtime oils but it is definitely one you can use for bedtime as well.

Another way to use night time oils is to add them to the kids bath, think 2 drops of Lavender for a whole tub or, and my two year old does this every night, the kids use the already made “Calmer” roller blend. Along the spine and the bottoms of the feet are the favorite places to roll it on.

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Let’s talk Morning Time

To get going every morning, we use oils as well!

Favorites for morning time include Peppermint and Wild Orange as well as the blend called Motivate ( which actually comes in roller form as well, not just oil ). 

Let the oils do the job for you!

If my son needs to get up at a certain time in the morning, I use oils to help me! The key is Wild Orange and Peppermint, 3 drops each in the diffuser close to him and I can guarantee you he will be up within the next 15 minutes, usually even before I actually would have had to wake him. 

It really works! It also helps myself to wake up while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.

Let’s talk Focus

Peppermint, Frank and Lemon are going to be your best friends. Make a roller bottle yourself or use the pre-made Thinker kids blend ( InTune is the adult version ). These are must have blends for our daily schooling. This blend is also great in the diffuser, just use 2 drops each!


Our favorite places to roll any of these blends is behind the ears and along the spine. I also inhale whichever blend I’m using, deeply for added benefit.

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Lemon, Rosemary and Spearmint are amazing for memory and recall. Again, be it in a roller or in the diffuser, they smell and work amazingly well together!

Let’s talk Rosemary for a second.

Did you know it is scientifically proven that Rosemary helps with memory and recall of information? It’s true!

They have done studies where they took 2 groups of people and had them study for and then perform a test. One group was exposed to rosemary essential oil the entire time, the other was not. Now guess which group overall performed way better. You guessed right, it was the Rosemary group!

Make changes easier

From online, to in person, to homeschool to back in person in school, I don’t even know what my local school district is actually doing right now. 

Whatever they are currently doing, all these changes can’t be good for the kids’ development! 

Yes, there’s oils for that too!

The magic answer here is Copaiba and Balance. 

Copaiba: Think CBD but sooo much better and more effective, aside from no THC contamination due to it being a completely different plant. It helps the brain to stay out of fight or flight mode and helps it relax to stress!

Balance, the Grounding Blend: Literally grounds and balances you. 

Again, roller blend or in the diffuser works great.

It simply helps the brain shut of and calm down to all the change.

Emotional Balance

Adaptiv and Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss. 

Both are uplifting and help with anxious feelings, overwhelm, uplifting, stressy feelings, focus, agitation and more!

For Adaptiv, there have also medical studies been done to prove this!


All 3 of these are my true happy oils!

They are amazing blends, smell great and work amazingly well!

But what if we DO get sick?

OnGuard, OnGuard, Onguard!

All the things healthy immune response! As I mentioned above, daily diffusing of OnGuard is a must, sick or not. 

Other than using the oil, we also use the following OnGuard infused products: Hand soap, Hand Sanitizer, Laundry detergent and yes, even cleaner concentrate!

The Apple Slice Trick

Want your kids to reap the benefits of OnGuard? Wash some apples, cut them in slices and soak them in water with a couple drops of OnGuard for 30 minutes. They taste amazing!


All things healthy respiratory function is the Breathe blend. Think a natural version of Vick’s Vapor Rub but without all the weird chemicals nobody can actually pronounce right.

And there you have it! My top Essential Oils and a School Environment! I will make sure to link some related posts as well and feel free to leave a comment if you would like to try Essential Oils for yourself and I will reach out to you!

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