Winter Diffuser Blends

diffuser with essential oils
From supporting a healthy respiratory system and protecting your body from the “Ickies” going around this time of year, diffusing the right oils can help with both! Take a look at my Favorite Winter Diffuser Blends!

Did you know that by diffusing Essential Oils, they get to your brain the fastest? This also means that you start to experience the benefits the fastest!

For my family, the biggest thing during this season, especially for my 17 month old, is anything immune supporting. This is the reason we love all the OnGuard products so much. Especially the Sanitizing Mist as well as the Cleaning Concentrate. I like to also add a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil for extra cleansing properties. Also, it makes it smell really fresh. 

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One thing I personally like to do, is the so-called FLOOM Bomb. A blend of Frankincense, Lemon, OnGuard, Oregano and Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) Essential Oil. It can be diffused, although it doesn’t smeel too yummy, or taken internally. ( I’m only talking about doTERRA brand Essential Oils to be taken internally!).

My FLOOM Routine:

2 drops each in an empty Veggie Cap, every 2 hours, when I’m awake, for 2 days. I take this at the first sign of yellow nasal output and/or a sore throat. I do also diffuse this, but only after everyone has gone to bed so nobody will complain about the smell

OnGuard Cleaning concentrate

I used to get terrible sinus infections every winter, that usually would require at least 2 diferent Antibiotics to get rid of it. With taking the FLOOM Bomb, I don’t even get to that point anymore! (Of course I’m not claiming Essential Oils treat, cure or prevent anything!)

My husband’s favorite “Winter Oils” is Peppermint, while I love the milder Black Spruce and Siberian Fir. We don’t just diffuse them either, but rather add a couple drops of our oil of choice to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, we prefer Franctionated Coconut Oil, and massage it on our upper backs and chests to open airways and for respiratory support.

Which oils are your Winter Favorites?
Which ones do you rely on during the Ickie Season?
Do you have a favorite Winter Diffuser Blend?

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And don’t forget to tell me which one was your favorite!

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