Winter Night Routine as a Mom of 2


Not that this differs a whole lot from my summer night time routine, I douse a few “heavier duty” lotions and more of it, I did want to share my daily winter night routine as a mom of 2 with you.

We are usually at home for the evening, unless my oldest has sports going on once or twice a week, so this routine is pretty accurate for most nights, weekends included. 

This routine starts after the usual dinner clean-up is done, the laundry got folded and the coffee maker is ready to go for the morning. I also wash the babies bottles and sippy cups for the next day. Sometimes I even get breakfast prepared the night before, but not too often since my boys are usually not sure on what they’ll have yet.

7:00 pm: 

Take a shower, remove make up and cleanse face, use a scrub or mask twice a week, and apply moisturizer. Put on PJs, lotion legs and feet with a body lotion bar (in the summer I just use lotion).

While I am in the shower, my husband gets the boys (8 year old and 16 month old) ready for bed. Makes sure they have PJs on, brushed their teeth and had a drink of water and the baby had a bottle.

7:30 pm:

Get water for myself ready, make a cup of herbal tea as well, take my vitamins, get the diffusers going with my sons choice of calming blend and read them a story, unless my husband wants to read to them that night. (The baby’s current favorite is “The Pout-Pout Fish” which he got for Christmas).

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8:00 pm:

I journal while the boys fall asleep, sometimes I start to read already, although the baby will try to take it out of my hands thinking it’s his story book.

diffuser with essential oils
8:30 pm:

Usually, both boys, or at least the baby, are passed out for the night by now. I get out my book, crochet or knitting work (Yes, I know I’m only 27 and not 77) or even my laptop to look up those new recipes I want to try. And yes, if I don’t feel up to any of those hobbies, I’ll work too. Quite often that is when I get the most work done actually! I write blog posts (like this one, it’s currently 

8:35 pm: 

On a Monday night and the kids are asleep, make graphics, create printables, come up with new Essential Oils blends or pin my newest blog post to Pinterest.  Since my desk is in the living room, where my husband plays his video games at night, I hang out with him as well.


9:45 pm:

Off to bed! 

Either I go to bed now or, if I’m already there, I put my work, book or craft project aside and get under the covers. I like to fall asleep watching Youtube videos or watching “The Great British Baking Show” ( you know, for like the 5th time now so I know I don’t miss anything when I fall asleep)

bedside night
What does your evening look like? Do you have a routine? You may not realize it is one but you probably do have one! Starting the dishwasher after dinner? Routine. Tea at 8 pm every night? Routine…. 
You get the point. Did you intentionally create that routine is what I’m really asking here.
And there you have it, my night time routine as a mom of 2.

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