A spicy Christmas in a Bottle: Holiday Joy

Essential oils and lemon

With its spicy and warm, yet sweet and fresh aroma, Holiday Joy is perfect for the holidays and spreading the cheer around your home. 

It contains the Essential Oils of Douglas and Siberian Fir, Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Cassia and Nutmeg as well as Vanilla Absolute.

Holiday Joy… You may find yourself feeling grounded, inviting, welcoming, energized and even uplifted when being around this blend, as it truly brings the Christmas Spirit to your home.

How do you use this blend? I have several different ways to use Holiday Joy but the following are my favorite:


Diffusing, the favorite in my house!

Add 3 to 4 drops of Holiday Joy to your diffuser to cleanse and purify the air in your home, and of course to bring around that Christmas smell!

Did you know the oils in the Holiday Joy blend are great at supporting a healthy respiratory function? 

I currently love to diffuse it around my 15 month old together with a little Breathe to help with his current respiratory distress he’s got going on these days.

Topical use: 

Always dilute this blend as it contains so called Hot Oils which can potentially be irritating to sensitive skin.

Warming Massage, perfect for those sore muscles or joint discomfort. Simply mix together 5 drops of Holiday Joy with 10 ml carrier oil of choice, we love to use fractionated ( always liquid ) coconut oil.

Warming Bath Oil: Add 5 drops Holiday Joy to 1 Teaspoon carrier oil and add to your bath water. ( I love to add Epsom salt to my baths to add an extra detox element and it also helps the oil to combine with the water a little instead of floating on the top)

Perfume: Mix 1 drop Holiday Joy with 10 drops carrier oil and apply to pulse points like neck and wrists. Or apply this mix to the chest and upper back for extra respiratory support.


DIY Time!

“Christmas in a Spray Bottle”

Fill a 30 ml Glass Spray Bottle almost all the way full with water. Add 20 drops of Holiday Joy, close and shake!

Spray it on Christmas decor, like wreaths or even the tree to spread the fresh Holiday scent.

Pro Tip: Use this to spray down surfaces in your home that need a little cleansing. Due to the cleansing properties of the oils in the Holiday Joy blend, this spray is excellent for those hard to clean surfaces. I love to use it on my soft surfaces, like my couches to give them a little cleaning before and after the guests are around. Cause who has time for germs, right?

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