Updated morning routine of a home school mom of two

This is my Updated morning routine of a home school mom of two. The boys are currently 15 months and 8 years old. The 8 year old is pretty self sufficient when it comes to getting ready and eating breakfast in the morning ( my husband eats with him before he heads to work most days ), so my main focus is usually on the baby in the morning.

Let’s get started with my Updated morning routine of a home school mom of two

6 to 7 am:  

Wake up, usually whenever the 15 month old wakes up and I make him his morning bottle while he is still in his bed. While he is drinking his bottle, I go check on my 8 year old and see if he had breakfast yet and if not, I ask hi9m what he wants. 

I also get myself ready for the day ( The door is open so I can see when the baby is done with his bottle ), wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and put on some make up if we have to go anywhere that day ( I usually don’t wear make up if we’re going to stay home all day ). 

7:30 am:
Have a cup of coffee and change the baby’s diaper before making and eating breakfast together. 
( Hubby gets up for work at 6:30 and leaves the house at 7:15, most times already making breakfast for the 8 year old ). 


8:00 am:
 Clear and wipe table, make more coffee, check or write to do list for the day and fold yesterday’s load of laundry while the kids are playing. ( We don’t have just one Laundry Day, I wash around a load a day plus cloth diapers every other day, that keeps it managable for me.
8:30 am :
Set out the home school supplies for the day and start today’s load of laundry. Entertain and play with the kids for a little bit and I also start the diffusers around this time. Normally I use a refreshing, think lemon,  blend of essential oils in the morning to get us up and going a little easier.


9 to 11:30 am:
Home school, more coffee, as well as snacks and toys for baby. 
On a typical home school day, we do the following subjects: Math, Spelling, Language Arts/ Grammar, Science, History and either Note-booking, German, Research for a Project or Reading in a book.
Of course other things he does throughout the day count towards schooling as well. 
Measuring ingredients for a cake? Math! playing a strategy game? Thinking skills/ problem solving. Playing with the switch board toy that makes things light up if done correctly? Electricity/ Science.
There’s so much more to homeschooling than sitting and learning at the table for hours!


11:30 am:
Lunchtime / Lunch break, depending on how much we got done in the morning. 


And there you have it already! The short and sweet Updated morning routine of a home school mom of two!
What does your morning routine look like? Do you home school? Do you have a specific morning routine or do you just roll with it? Of course this can look all sorts of ways depending on if you work, when you work, if the kids go to public school etc etc.

Let me know yours in the comments below!

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