Christmas in a bottle: Holiday Peace

Holiday Piece bottle
If you like a woodsy, fresh and also citrus-y  scent, Holiday Peace, or as I call it “Christmas in a bottle”, is for you.

Distilled from the needles of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir and Himalayan Fir, expressed from the rind of Grapefruit and also incorporating Vetiver and Frankincense, Holiday Peace offers a grounding, calming and soothing effect. It can also aid in improving hormone balance as well as opening you up to experiences and to receiving emotions.

It truly is “Christmas in a bottle”

It promotes a feeling of peaceful-ness and merry-ness, perfect for the Holidays!

It also promotes feelings of strength, safety, capability, empowerment as well as security. Perfect to be around those special relatives.

How do you use this amazing Oil?

You can put a few drops on a homemade clay ornament, tutorial coming soon, and make your room smell holiday fresh that way.


Probably the best way to use this Oil , however, is to diffuse it. Be it by itself or mixed with something else, like a little cinnamon or even wild orange, diffusing is the best way to get those amazing benefits for you and everyone else in the room.

It calms the mood, cleanses and freshens the air as well as adding a Holiday aroma to any room.

Here’s a few Diffuser blends to try:

Citrus Twist

4 drops Holiday Peace

2 drops Wild Orange

2 drops Grapefruit

Happy & Calm

4 drops Holiday Peace

2 drops Wild Orange

2 drops Frankincense

Airy Calm

4 drops Holiday Peace

3 drops Balance

Another way to get this blend in any room that doesn’t have a diffuser, is to make a spray with it.

Simply put 6 drops of Holiday peace, or any of the blends above, in a 1 oz glass spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spray on any surface that needs a holiday scent-lift. I love using it on my couches and seat cushions for a Christmas-fresh scent.

How else can you use it?

A rather uncommon use of this Oil is to use it for a massage! Sore muscles or an aching back? The Oils in this blend provide a calming experience and can aid in managing uncomfortable feelings..

You can also use this blend of Oils to promote healthy respiratory function by mixing it with a little fractionated coconut oil and rubbing it onto your chest and upper back.

And there you have it, the most common uses for “Christmas in a bottle”

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