Essential Oil Must Haves that are not Essential Oils

Following, you will find my Essential Oil Must Haves to live the Essential Oil Lifestyle. In my opinion, you don’t need a lot other than your oils. I do, however, think you need a few accessories to go with it! I couldn’t live without my Reference Guide, Roller Bottles and my Fractionated Coconut Oil and of course a diffuser!

First is my Reference Guide. I love ” The Essential Life” Book! You can find pretty much everything you need to know in there! From Cradle Cap to Sciatica, it’s in there! My favorite place to buy it is! Go check it out! They have everything you could possibly need to use your oils in all sorts of ways!

Another thing you want to get is a nice Diffuser to cleanse your air and replace all those toxic air fresheners! My favorite Diffuser is the Lumo Diffuser from doTerra ( You can get a diffuser in your kit when you get your own doTerra account! )! However, has a bunch of awesome ones too!

Another must have are containers like Roller bottles and Dropper bottles to keep your homemade essential oil mixtures in. Again, I love the ones Oil life sells, but you can also find them on Amazon.  One thing to make sure of, is that you buy Glass bottles and Rollers!

Another must have is a good Carrier Oil to dilute your Essential Oils with before applying them to sensitive skin. I love to use doTerra’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, but you can also find some on Amazon

And lastly we have “Veggie Caps” to take your oils internally. ( Please only ever ingest doTerra Essential Oils and then only the ones with Supplement facts on the bottle!) You can get these from doterra or order some from amazon. Your local pharmacy might also have some. This is a great way to use essential oils, especially the ones that don’t taste too great!

Other than my Essential Oil must haves, do you want to learn about an essential oil anyway? Click the button on the right to learn all about Lemon Essential Oil

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