Oily Must Haves

oily must haves

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    Following, you will find my Essential Oil Must Haves to live the Essential Oil Lifestyle. In my opinion, you don’t need a lot other than your oils. I do, however, think you need a few accessories to go with it! I couldn’t live without my Reference Guide, Roller Bottles and my Fractionated Coconut Oil and of course a diffuser!

    Let’s start with the Basics: A good reference book!
    These are a few of my favorites:
    modern essentials

    Modern Essentials

    This one is my favorite, hands down. A little more in depth on the science and contains a lot of ailments!

    Emotions and Essential Oils

    Every oil has an emotional benefit component. Get to know them all in this book.

    oil magic

    Oil Magic

    Colorful and informational, this book has even some DIY recipes!


    Fractionated Coconut Oil

    Need to dilute your essential oils for topical application or making a roller? This is an amazing carrier oil choice!


    Epsom Salt

    Perfect to make bath soak or bath salts to give away at christmas! Alos great for other DIYs.

    White Vinegar

    For cleaning solutions and cleaning your diffusers, this is a great choice.

    Spray Bottles 16oz

    Perfect for those homemade cleaner sprays and the all purpose room spray!

    spray bottle

    Spray Bottles 8oz

    Want to make hair sprays or a less amount of room sprays to change it up more often? These are perfect.

    spray bottle

    Spray bottles 2oz

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    Witch Hazel

    Making a face toner or room spray, add a little witch hazel to make it last longer!

    Silicone Mold

    Shower steamers or dishwasher tabs, this mold is great!.

    Oil Holder

    These are amazing to create Oil Stations throughout the home!

    Take along Oil Bag

    For all the oils I tend to carry around, this bag is amazing and sooo cute!

    Roller Bottle Bag

    Great to keep all those rollers in the purse organised!


    Aromatherapy Inhalers

    Amazing to use for respiratory blends in the winter time!

    jojoba oil bottle

    Jojoba Oil

    Amazing oil for facial as well as beard and body care!

    e oil

    Vitamin E Oil

    Amazing to mix into all things skin blends!

    Dropper Bottle 1oz

    I love these! Beard Oil or Glow Serum, this is what I use!i



    If not using one from doTERRA, this one is a good alternative!


    Bees Wax

    Amazing to make DIY body lotions bars or candles!

    shea butter

    Shea Butter

    My favorite DIY body care products contain it! Amazingly nourishing.

    dropper top

    Dropper Top

    Amazing for reusing empty oil bottles to pre-make diffuser blends!

    spray topper

    Spray Topper 15ml

    Awesome to reuse empty oil bottles to create sprays like linen sprays for vacation!

    Dr. Bronner's

    Awesome to make DIY recipes and simple hand soap scented with essential oils

    foam pump

    Foam Pumps

    Super awesome to make DIY facewash or taking your own hand soap foam on the go!

    coconut oil image

    Coconut Oil

    Awesome to make scrubs and use in other lotion DIYs.

    Olive Oil

    Awesome to add to DIYs to add some extra moisture!

    Of course, what are you supposed to do with all these without the amazing essential oil to begin with?
    Leave me a comment below and receive your free sample or if you already have your own account with doTERRA, even better!

    Other than my Essential Oil must haves, do you want to learn about an essential oil anyway? Click the button on the right to learn all about Lemon Essential Oil

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