My new favorite Supplements

I’m talking about the brand Physician’s Choice, that i recently discovered on So far my favorites supplements from Physician’s Choice are the 10.000 MCG of Biotin, as well as the Collagen Peptides with Digestive Enzymes. Have you ever heard of this brand? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? Please leave a comment below!

Want to know more about the Collagen Peptides with Digestive Enzymes for Enhanced Absorption? My favorite way to use it, other than in my coffee, is in my Lemon Water that i drink every morning before i do Yoga. It is great for digestion, helps with Post- Workout recovery, is Flavorless, Non-GMO, Grass Fed and Hormone Free. Do I need to say more? It’s truly amazing and i swear I can tell a difference if I forget to take it every day!

The other new favorite product of mine is the Physician’s Choice Biotin. The strength is 10.000 MCG of Pure Biotin with Coconut Oil. Biotin is essential in building and supporting the bodies Keratin Metabolism which in turn is essential for Hair, Nail and Skin health. 

Hair- Promotes overall healthy hair and hair growth; for both existing hair and new growth by strengthening hair follicle.

SKIN – Helps rejuvenates dry, cracked, irritated skin naturally by promoting cell growth & rejuvenation.

NAILS – Strengthens brittle splitting nails by supporting the base infrastructure In your nail development.

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