15 everyday uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Essential oils and lemon
Do you love a clean, fresh, and citrus aroma? dōTERRA Lemon Essential Oil has all three! Lemon has many purposeful functions, especially when it comes to cleaning surfaces, the air and minds in your home.
Lemon Essential Oil

Where does it come from? 

Lemon Essential Oil comes from the rind/peel of specially selected Lemons on Farms in Italy. It is cold pressed, tested and bottled straight from the source. ( If you already have a doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil bottle, check the bottom! There’s a code on there that lets you check the testing results for the oil in that specific bottle!) .

15 Ways to use Lemon Essential Oil

 Please know that I am exclusively talking about doTERRA brand Essential Oils here! Never use an “Essential Oil” bought at Target, The Dollar Store etc. on , or God forbid in, your body! 

 * Balance your body’s pH level, reduce stressy feelings, calm your nerves, lift your mood and give yourself some energy and detox your body as well, all by putting a few drops in your glass of water everyday, especially in the morning. 

*Sanitize your toothbrush by putting a drop or two on it after you brushed your teeth and then rinsing it out.

*Steam clean your microwave, by filling a big glass measuring cup with 1/2 cup white vinegar, 3 cups water and 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and microwave for 10 minutes.. When done, leave the microwave closed for an additional 15 minutes, so the steam can loosen up the stuck on mess. Afterwards, simply wipe down your microwave insides with a damp cloth. Voila!

* You can also use Lemon in homemade furniture polish! Fill a 16 Fl Oz Glass Spray bottle with water, 1 teaspoon Olive Oil and 5 drops of. Shake, Spray and Polish as needed

*Scratchy Throat? Simply make a shot glass full of water, add 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and gargle for 1 minute. Spit it out and your throat will feel better! Repeat as needed!

* You can also clean your produce with it! Add your produce, especially Berries, to a big stainless steel bowl, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar, as well as 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil and water to fill it up. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse with plain water. You’ll be surprised how much stuff comes off of your produce!, especially grapes!

* Itchy Insect and Bug bites? Add a drop of straight out of the bottle Lemon Essential Oil on it and rub it in. It will disinfect the area and take the itchiness away!

What else can you do with this amazing oil?

* Refresh your dishwasher by placing a dish filled with white vinegar and 6 drops Lemon  Essential Oil on the top rack. Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom for extra freshness. Run it on high.

*  Freshen up your trash by adding a spoonful of baking soda with a few drops Lemon Essential Oil in your new, empty trash bag.


*Refresh your drains and garbage disposal by dropping in a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil into the drain at night after the dishes are done. This also works as a disinfectant.

*  Due to its disinfecting properties, you can also use the oil as a hand sanitizer by adding a couple of drops to your hands and rubbing them together. While you’re at it, also cup your hands in front of your face and inhale deeply to get all those anti-everything and uplifting properties straight to your brain. You will feel energized right away!

*  Need cuticle health help? Add 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 4 drops of Olive or Jojoba Oil and rub into your cuticles at night before bed.

* For muscle aches and pains, add a few drops of the Oil to your favorite body lotion and rub where it aches.

* Sticky residue on an empty bottle or got a sticker stuck on your counter? Use Lemon Essential Oil as Nature’s Goo-Gone! Add a few drops and rub!

And lastly,  Diffuse into the air to cleanse and purify your surroundings and to support healthy respiratory function, as well as to promote a positive mood in your home.


Do you use Lemon Essential Oil in your home or personal care? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re interested in trying it for yourself, shoot me a message!
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