Daddy Duty is a Wrap


we’ve all at one time seen the women wearing one or something like it, but a “Moby wrap” is a godsend for both parents, not just for mom. 

I know it may look like sorcery at first but after a few times of having the wife help you put it on you will be able to put that wrap on like you are tying your 100th double Windsor knot or lacing up your work boots.

 I’ll set the stage for you; a stage we’ve probably all stood on at one point or another, or maybe this is a stage you’re getting ready to stand on for the first time.

 Mom is gone, the house is quiet for the moment, and it’s just you, the dogs, the Xbox and the baby. You pull the bassinet to the den, grab a soda, fire up Black Ops and then it happens… 

Your new bundle of joy needs you to fulfill its needs RIGHT NOW! We dads gladly rise to the call of duty, by changing their diaper and making a bottle. We entertain the little guy or girl as best we can but sometimes they just want mommy and there’s nothing we can do about that. But we can get close with the Moby wrap!

Those of you that have dad bods, don’t worry! There is plenty of fabric here for both you and your little one. If you use a pacifier I highly recommend keeping it tucked in the Moby either up by your shoulder or down by your hip. The pacifier with the Moby can be a great combination for keeping the baby super comfortable and relaxed. 

You could even use some Lavender Essential Oil rubbed in your beard for some extra relaxation!

To conclude, the Moby wrap provides your little one with an unparalleled level of comfort and relaxation, which gives you the freedom you need to get back to enjoying a quiet house, that soda and destroying the competition online, all while  your kiddo is fast asleep, safely strapped to your chest.


Mr. House on Toffee


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