Essential Oils and Pets?

Generally, you hear everywhere “You can’t use Essential Oils on Pets, it’s harmful to cats, it causes cancer, it causes liver and kidney damage in dogs and if they’re exposed to too much, they can die!”

All this can be true, I you’re using the wrong, not natural or pure “Essential Oils” from your local dollar store or even Wal-mart!

First I want to make it clear, that the only Essential Oils that should ever come in contact with your pets have to be doTERRA brand, CPTG ( Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ) Oils!

How to safely use Essential Oils around Pets:

  1. Diffusing

When you are diffusing oils around your pets, make sure you keep the amount of oils used to a minimum when first starting to give your pets a chance to get used to them, as well as always giving your pet the option to retreat to an oil-free area of the home if they are sensitive to the smell or the oils you are diffusing.

Did you know diffusing lavender can help to calm your pets?


  1. Cleaning with Essential Oils and Natural Cleaners.

Let me start this one by saying, the “Natural” cleaner you are using, probably isn’t that natural! They are most likely “Greenwashed”, basically the brand makes themselves seem more clean and natural than they really are. Do yourself a favor and try to pronounce the ingredients of your All-Purpose Cleaner. I bet you can’t! When I say Natural Cleaner, I’m talking about doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, which Is what I use everywhere and making your own All-Purpose Cleaner and Mop Solution using it is super simple!

Their paws have skin, therefore the paws absorb anything you use to clean your floors and my dogs love to lay on our wood floors in the summer time to cool off, therefore they are even more exposed to what I use to clean.


  1. Applying Essential Oils to Pets

Yes, you can apply Essential Oils on your pets!

The best places to apply, start with 1 very diluted drop, are along the spine or on the paws and even the tips of their ears!

Make sure to avoid the face and if applying to the paws, make sure they don’t rub their eyes after.

You can use Lavender for a calming effect in anxious pets, Copaiba for Joint Pain and Fennel on their Tummy for digestive trouble .

Generally, if you choose to use Essential Oils on your pets, I’d make sure of the following.

Make sure they are doTERRA brand Essential Oils. Of course, when introducing something new to your pets, start slowly and with a very small and very diluted amount!

Keep an eye on your pet to watch if they maybe react to one of the oils and, of course, keep your Oils where your pets or children can’t get into them!

If you are interested in trying essential oils for yourself, you can check out my doTERRA Website and order today! Or simply go to the contact us area on the site here and shoot me a message and i might even send you some FREE Samples!

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain an affiliate link. I may receive a discount for products mentioned on my blog. I also may receive a small commission, if my affiliate link is used. I only recommend products I personally use and love.

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