5 Reasons to have a Nighttime Cleaning Routine and what I’ve learned from having one for 2 weeks

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After trying to have a Nighttime Cleaning Routine for the past two weeks, I can now ask myself: What was i thinking not having one sooner?? It’s truly amazing how waking up to a clean kitchen can change your mood and even reduce anxiety! While cleaning, i love to diffuse a blend I like to call “Hot Mess”, which consists of 5 drops Balance and 2 drops Citrusbliss essential oils from doTERRA.

I have listed my Top 5 reasons to have a Nighttime Cleaning Routine below. Go check it out and try it for yourself! Seriously, take the challenge! You can do it, it’s only 2 weeks, you can do it!



  • Creates less stress

Because you can feel at peace in your own home, knowing you will wake up to a clean house and don’t go to bed thinking about that dirty bowl in the sink or the crumbs on the stove. If you need extra stress relief, diffuse a blend of 3 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Wild Orange and 2 drops Lavender from doTERRA. I call this blend “Comfy Flannel”

  • Mornings will run smoother

Preparing your house for the day ahead can make it run much more smoothly because you are not running around trying to find things or put just that one thing in the laundry real quick, just to discover its still full of yesterday’s wet towels.

  • Relaxed morning

Wake up relaxed knowing your coffeemaker is ready to go, all the bags are packed and by the door, nobody has to hunt down that last clean bowl for cereal

  • Sudden visit? Don’t mind if you do!

Without my night time routine, I was terrified of those unannounced “We’ll be there for some coffee ( I love this one!) and gossip at 9 in the morning” visits. Now, my answer would be “sure, but please bring donuts!” and I even know where my clean coffee cups are!

  • No time? No problem!

No more hours of cleaning, just to make that one bowl of cereal or cup of coffee or, god forbid, the family dinner. With a good nighttime cleaning routine, the keeping up of a clean house will be unbelievably easy and you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I start this years ago?” Staying on top of things will become so much easier!

I can now honestly say that I don’t know how i made it through mornings without having cleaned at night! Stumbling in the kitchen at 6:45 am, eyes still closed, trying to not spill the coffee grounds when making coffee. Now? Push a button because I made a point of preparing it all the night before! That means I can enjoy coffee before I even have to wake up anybody!

My favorite products to clean with? Click the button on the right and grab a discount! Otherwise, I love 7th Generation, doTERRAs OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate and Dr. Bronner’s for pretty much EVERYTHING!

If you are interested in trying essential oils for yourself, you can check out my doTERRA Website and order today! Or simply go to the contact us area on the site here and shoot me a message and i might even send you some FREE Samples!

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  1. I need to do this! I have found though that at least tidying up the toys and making sure the dishes are done every night helps keep the house from getting out of hand before I realize it!

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