Let’s talk about books

I know what you’re thinking. Me? Reading? I barely have time to brush my teeth alone and that coffee is rarely hot when I finally do get around to drinking it!

I’m right there with you, having a 4 month old, “Free time” is just not a thing. However, a few times a week, I take those 30 minute nap times to read. Yes, the dishes can wait and nobody is going to die if the laundry doesn’t go from the washer to the dryer right this very second.

I make this time a priority over chores because I feel it is important for my emotional well being. Okay, online shopping does that too, but my wallet doesn’t like that too much, so reading it is.

Currently I’m really into budgeting and saving money, so reading “You can stay home with your kids” by my friend Erin Odom from The Humbled Homemaker again, just seemed like a “ DUH “ moment. ( Love her blog too! Lots of great content about Motherhood, Homemaking, Healthy Living and Family Finances ). 

Following her tips and tricks from the book and her blog, I was already able to save quite a bit of money and get a handle on things, money related. You’d be surprised how much you spend on certain things! Seriously, write down what you spend, just for 1 week, and I promise it’s a big eye opener! Those $6 Latte’s, that Gas station snack every time you fill up, that extra donut after a long day… It all adds up!

What are you currently reading?

By the way, while i read i love to diffuse some calming oils from doTERRA, like a blend my friend Nicci at afarmhousefull likes to call “Hot Mess”, it consists of 5 drops Balance and 1-2 drops Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange.

Feel free to comment with your current read or favorite book!Here’s the link to Erin’s awesome blog: https://thehumbledhomemaker.com/

Here’s to reading breaks and your coffee still being hot!

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